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We are Artist-Creators. Truth-Tellers.

Video Communication Specialists. 

Storytelling is our craft, but our mission is to connect audiences with content that can change the world.


We want to get to the heart of your message and help you shape it in such a way that its innate beauty, integrity and honesty can be felt. On the surface it seems like a daunting process, a little like cutting a diamond, but humans are hot-wired to remember things that make them feel… And the truth resonates with all of us. That’s why we consider ourselves truth-tellers. And that’s why our published content is always a faithful, authentic representation of your message, never an exercise in marketing double-speak. 

Besides having garnered 100,000's view-counts on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media platforms, our work is featured in museums, screened at international conferences and being used as teaching tools by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. 

Let us work within your budget to design a personalized solution that will serve you now and can be re-purposed later. 

Let's work together...


Our Phased Development-Production process.


Start with a Consultation.


Unless you’re a communications specialist yourself, let’s assume you you’d benefit from some light discussion about demographics, target audience, and key persuasion. Never fear, it’s not as boring as it sounds. We’ve got you covered! We relish new ideas and the spark of creativity that comes from great collaboration. We will walk you through our Strategic Input Brief and distill your objectives, as we help you hone your message and outline a distribution (media production) and launch strategy. Yes, this is where most of the heavy lifting is done in terms of crafting the “narrative” that will frame and deliver your message. Your story is unique and so are your goals. With two decades of experience, we can help you decide what form, length, and budget will best serve you. (*hint: bigger isn't always better.)


Ready for Production?


If you decide you want to move forward with a production to articulate your vision, our award-winning filmmakers can cover every aspect -- from script-writing through post-production -- including but definitely not limited to VR, AR, Motion Graphics, etc. We have access to all of the latest and greatest tech, execute to rigorous standards, and accept only the highest production-values. Check out our team’s outstanding credentials below.



You know what would go great with that new video for the monitor in your reception area? An app. Or perhaps a refresh of your website? Or even a new logo... How your brand is perceived is how you are perceived. Your story is special. It deserves to stand out. We have long-standing connections with experienced software developers, website designers, graphics specialists and social media managers.  The sky's the limit. Let us connect you with the experts you need and oversee quality assurance and delivery, so you can stop worrying about all the moving parts and get back to doing what it is you do.

Meet The Team

Jody Thompson

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President, Senior Producer, Story editor


Jody is an optioned, feature-film screenwriter and veteran filmmaker with over twenty years experience in the industry. With her extensive on-set experience and self-admitted obsession with story-structure she prides herself on getting to the emotional core of the message  -- and getting it produced on time and on budget. 


Bruce Marchfelder

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Director, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist


An award-winning cinematographer, writer and director who has taken films to competition in Cannes, Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals, Bruce now specializes in brand strategy and marketing assets for both internal and external strategic partners and applies his production expertise to support next generation pedagogy (MOOC’s, Flexible Learning, etc.) and true knowledge transfer.

Social, Websites, Apps, Graphics...

Husna Shaikh

Social Media Manager

Hootsuite Social Media

Vancouver Top 30 Blogger

R.J. Thompson

Software Engineer

Senior Software Developer

with Electronic Arts (EA)

Rosi Petkova

Graphic Designer

Interfaces, logos, icons, presentation decks, marketing collateral


The best crews, Aerial [drone] Team, Motion Graphics Designers, VR/AR Specialists, Composers, Sound Designers... If your project needs it, we know who to bring on to get it done right.